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Lunatix: The Brand

Lunatix: The Brand was founded December 23rd, 2018 by two brothers with ambitions out of the box. What people define as "art", "lit" and "talent" are based on conventional perspectives glorified by spotlights rather than individuality. We change the tide and challenge the norms of the mainstream with the glow of overshadowed genius. Welcome to Lunatix, where we illuminate the eclipsed potential of lucid dreamers. 

“Bringing Dreams to Reality, Passion to Purpose & Life to Existance. We are here to Live. Not eXist.”


Lunatix enriches the mind, body, and soul through eclipsed perspectives to discover hidden potential.


In Luna-terms (see what I did there?), we give experiences that bring the world out its box by.

- Faciliting discussions & dialogue that challenges normal thought. 

- Hosting vents that break through the inner inhibitions and insecurities physically & socially present in our daily reality. 

- And having the overall understanding that the Earth is NOT flat and neither is the YOUniverse we Live within.

So go over the edge, because there isn’t one. Dreams and reality are two sides of the moon; let’s highlight both.

- Live. Not. eXist


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Meet the Team


Matthew Coverson-Springs is the Co-Owner, Founder, and Designer for Lunatix: The Brand. 
Matt is a graduate of the illustrious HBCU, Claflin University in Orangeburg, SC. Along with a B.A. in Political Science, Matt has held multiple leadership positions and worked on projects across the state to bring Dreamers' light to the forefront. "To me, being a Lunatic means bringing light to greatness yet to be shown. The dopest part of the moon is its darkside; if man will travel space just for a glimpse of the moon's, imagine the ecstacy Dreamers will find in search of their own."

Matt C-Springs

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