About Us

Origin Story: LUNATIX

Lunatix: The Brand

The idea of LUNATIX started in 2018 with the 21st birthday of two brothers who wanted to morph their reality through entertainment.

We were tired of our lives being ran by the FEARS of the world around us and wanted to create spaces where people can embrace the dreams, desires and joys discovered in their own truths, NOT the restrictions placed by world's rules and insecurities.

Now, rather than create spaces to embrace DREAMS, we create clothing to embrace that same idea within you. Since 2020, The Brand has dedicated itself to creating Visionary Streetwear to help individuals acknowledge their passion and make their dreams COME TRUE.

"You can't do that!" "What will people say!?" "That idea will never succeed!" "I'm too afraid to do that, aren't you?"

Whether its enjoying yourself, accepting your talents, traveling the world or starting a business, don't let the world stop you from living your life because they want you to exist in theirs.

"The World Will Call U Insane For Living Your Dreams. Embrace It."